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Arnold bodybuilding training

Arnold bodybuilding training

It's logical to think that if you like Arnold or Jean Claude, then you also like muscles. Because, Arnold and Jean Claude were made famous because of their muscles. So if you are thinking: 'Also I want muscles', first think before you start training. May the next 10 tips help you. I found them on the Muscle and Fitness website. Written by Blair Whitmarsh. Until biotechnology progresses to the point where gyms are stocked with clones of Mary Yockey or Flex Wheeler, those of you who embark on the MUSCLE & FITNESS beginner's program will experience varying results. The differences may be vast, minute or somewhere in between, but genetic variability -- among other factors -- ensures that results will in fact differ. No matter. Regardless of your DNA, you're basically guaranteed to make at least some progress -- unless, that is, you throw in the towel, in which case all the information and guidance in the world will be as useless as a blueprint without building materials. To make sure that your head doesn't leave your body hanging, take heed of these 10 crucial tips.

1. Understand What Flicks Your Switch -- & What Pulls the Plug In the context of weight training, sports psychologists refer to this self-evaluation process as understanding your motivational style. In other words, you need to figure out what motivates you and what de-motivates you. The former is usually pretty obvious; the latter is often what causes you to toss your gym bag in the closet and leave it there to rot. I've encountered people who've made up their minds to lose 10 pounds of bodyfat, only to give up the moment someone tells them they'll never succeed. That initial motivation was so weak that a single comment was enough to upend it. Other people are perfectionists who'd rather be sedentary than active, feeling that if they exercise, they might fall short of what for them is the "perfect" body. Then you have the underachievers, who set their goals low even though the sky may be the limit. Understanding what motivates you is the first step in sticking with your program. 2. Set Goals Once you analyze your motivational style, you can begin doing the things that will make it work for you. For example, you can now set appropriate goals and list the steps you must take to achieve them. Setting long-term goals, such as how you want to look a year from now, will make it easier for you to determine the constituent shorter-term goals, whether measured by months, weeks or even individual workouts. 3. Get With the (Right) Program Once you set your goals, you need to tailor your training to achieve them. I once counseled a woman who was frustrated with her exercise program. She wanted to "tone up," but after four months, she hadn't seen any results. When I asked her to outline her regimen, she explained that she was doing anaerobic interval-type running three times a week. Wrong program! Her goal was to look better in her swimsuit, so her program should have combined weight training and aerobic exercise with proper nutrition. Inappropriate programs lead to noncompliance. If you need a trainer's help to design a suitable program, by all means hire one. As an added benefit, you'll be accountable to someone else for your continued success. 4. Tell a Friend Make a list of the most significant people in your life -- those individuals whose opinions you desire, value and respect. Rely on these people to help you stay focused on your exercise program. Something as simple as a few words of encouragement, or companionship during your workout, can really help. And to the extent that these significant others understand your exercise regimen and nutritional strategies, they can become far more effective supporters. Who knows -- maybe they'll follow your lead and start training themselves. 5. Visualize Visualization gives you the power to use thoughts, images and feelings to create your own reality. By envisioning your desired body shape, you increase the possibility of realizing that image. Visualization allows you to pursue your fitness potential by creating a mental picture of who and what you can become, which increases motivation. 6. Become a Student Elite athletes live and breathe their sport. You may not need to reproduce that same level of dedication, but those individuals can still teach you a valuable lesson. Read as much as you can about weight training, bodybuilding, aerobic exercise and nutrition. Attend fitness seminars and clinics hosted by exercise specialists. Knowledge enhances motivation, which leads to a deeper commitment. 7. Connect Your Mind & Body Your nervous system has an amazing, sophisticated relationship with the rest of your body. Any time you move, your brain is inundated with thousands of signals. It then makes decisions and sends signals back through the nervous system, where they're broken down into simpler, more precise messages intended for each muscle fiber. That helps explain the mind-muscle connection to which so many champion bodybuilders allude. To improve your workouts, learn to listen to what your body is telling your brain, and vice versa. When you become more aware of this mind-body connection, you'll be better prepared for the workout to follow. 8. Reward Yourself You work hard in the gym, busting your tail after you've already invested yourself in work or school. Why not bribe -- er, reward -- yourself with a gift for sticking with the program? I recommend that all beginners reward themselves at least once a month, regardless of results. Setting a Herculean goal (for example, losing 25 pounds) that you must reach before you reward yourself misses the point. By sticking with your training, you're making exercise part of your regular lifestyle. The weight loss will eventually take care of itself. 9. Define Success on Your Own Terms Just because someone you know defines success as bench-pressing 350 pounds or building 20-inch arms doesn't mean you should, too. Define success for yourself and be prepared to celebrate once you achieve it. People who take time to savor small achievements en route to greater success are usually more motivated to continue with their weight training than people who are never satisfied. 10. Go Slow, Go Steady Bodybuilding isn't about overnight success or automatic changes -- it's about making a commitment to a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and sound nutrition. Don't look at the professional bodybuilders in this magazine and become disillusioned when you don't look like them after six months of training. Most elite bodybuilders have been committed to the bodybuilding lifestyle for many years. Having great genetics is merely a bonus for them. Stay the course and you'll see significant changes in the shape of your body. Keep a logbook of your workouts and body measurements and, over time, you won't even need a mirror to see the improvements your training and diet have wrought. They'll be staring back from the page in black and white.


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